Reasons Not To Be A Drug Dealer

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Peace and respect! I am not one to judge another. I do however want to offer some very logic reason not to be a drug dealer and stay out oh the street life. I am not trying to parent or police anyone. I simply wish to influence anyone headed in t e wrong direction and hopefully detour someone who could Make a huge mistake.

•why destroy ones own community for profit? It’s not worth it.
•fast money is not always good money.
•your “boys” will tell on you when they get caught and if they don’t, then those tiny cameras in the many public locations will.
•when the ish hits the fan, you WILL do time ALONE. That bad chick is not comin through cause she moved on to another “baller” and your boys are also locked, dead or free cause they got you dumb behind locked up.
•these rappers are liars! Real criminal don’t BROADcast their dirty deeds.
•IRS is not playin about them taxes.
•blacks always get more time.
•a damn good lawyer is not cheat.
•while you are ballin outta control, a whole case has been built against you and by the time they get you to court you won’t have a chance.
•RICO(racketeer influenced and corrupt organization).
•being a petty hustler is not a path leading to the top, you don’t get to retire.
•many drug dealers don’t live past their mid 30’s
•it’s an overall, miserable existence. They call it “the trap” becuase the brothas really on the block really are trapped.

If you are a hustler than you shouldn’t need to hustle drugs. You better hustle some oils or some soaps. While experiences are good to learn from, the street life is not all it’s cracked up to be. I know rappers love to glorify that ish but check it, if these dudes is are so rich than why would they be in the streets. Do you really think Jay z is risking everything to be on the corner or T.I, king if the south is really
trappin and he rich as hell. That would be as senseless as Barack Obama gangbang. Throwin up the W tellin the White House, please! Think for yourself and be your own king/queen!

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Is Plastic Surgery Just A Band-Aid For Insecurity?

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As a woman I most definitely understand the pressures to look good. Appealing to others is a natural desires within human kind. With constant images of gorgeous people in the entertainment industry and these images tend to set the “trends” or expectations of ones appearance. Pop culture tends to set a particularly high standard for what it means to be attractive.

Many of us also didn’t experience positive role models and in many cases lacked validation where it actually matters. As a result people seek to feel voids and have a sense of pressure to be accepted and wanted. While most cosmetic surgery procedures are successful but is the individual successful.

All too often people get multiple surgeries trying to fix what they think is wrong. Generally what we think is a flaw really isn’t as bad as we think. The reason it becomes a problem is because someone or something places the idea it ones head that there is something lacking. These events usually happen in our childhoods and are traumatic enough to file itself in our subconscious and nag at us and force us to pick ourselves apart. Unfortunately, many of these people who choose plastic surgery as a solution find that the prior problem arises yet again at some point. And this problem is generally whatever underlying insecurity one may have and its source.

The problem with plastic surgery is that it will not and can not address the REAL problem or reason for such a drastic need to “enhance” or “fix” themselves. The misconception is that it must work because we usually only see people when the swelling has gone done and they see themselves for the first time without any traces of medical happening and they are just beyond excited. Of course its excited initially because its something new. Once again, if there was an insecurity problem will arise to tell you something else is wrong and you need to change it.

Media and entertainment most definitely contribute to such insecurities for many people. Whether it be physical insecurity, financial or otherwise. Everyday we are faced with what seems to be perfect people, with perfect lives, unlimited money and the all around dream. Pretty much any desire and aspiration is placed in front of us with a slight air of inaccessibility. We are sold a false perception which leads to countless people putting themselves through hell to reach an unrealistic standard.

Truth is, everything is not always what it seems. Trust me, if we all had celeb makeovers there would be a shift in self confidence in people. Everyone has flaws, yes, we all have imperfections. We are not meant to be the same. What we may perceive as a flaw may be attractive to someone else. Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. No need to break somethin that ain’t broke!!

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