Success & problems

Hello Readers,
Success seems to be a blessing and a curse! BIG said “Mo money, mo problems.” He was right. Especially in the urban community where people tend to have a sense of entitlement . Jealousy and envy reside everywhere as do users, who await as well. It’s common for family and close friends to see fit that they benefit and often times they are much deserving if they took part in positive aspects in your life. Then there are those who just think they are entitled.
Especially in urban communities where many people are struggling, any glimmer of success is enticing, exciting and enriching if approach correctly. People if the entertainment industry experience this a lot. Where people they associated with in the most minimal ways think that they put some type of bit in. These people are usually two faced and looking for a coat tail to lath their grimy paws onto. Most times these people didn’t contribute to your success what so ever yet because you smoked a blunt with them or went to school with then this validates them and that is simply not true.
In your pursuit of success people are trying to attack you and bring you down to their level because they don’t see themselves becoming successful. These people will associate themselves as if they are friends, discreetly attempt to derail your projects and aspirations, will bad mouth I chance they get. Those who progress past this also have to deal with these types bashing their image and just being shady overall.
As soon as these slim buckets get the boot, suddenly you’re not keep it real, you’re ego trippin, you’re selfish, etc. even without fame success or pursuit of is a magnet for shady characters. If you have ever encountered any of these people you know how trifling they can get. These suckers will also be the fist ones checkin for you when they need something or see you doin better than them! Don’t sweat the bullshit because success will always be the best revenge!

Comment below & as always thanks for reading,
A. The Blogger


2 thoughts on “Success & problems

  1. Potheadking says:

    Well said and we all know hatas gonna hate AT the end of. The day

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