Effects Of No Father!

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This topic is a deep one. Speaking for America, there is a very high rate of men who dip out on their families whether before the birth or after. This issue is particularly important to me be issue my father was never there.
It’s always much fun to do the do, that sexual healing. This is part of human nature and not you or I can deny such. There is nothing wrong with some passionate intimacy. The problem is when one gets stuck with the responsibility(usually the mother) and the other moves on(usually the father). Don’t get me wrong there are extreme cases where folks are better off not dealing and then the child be explained such circumstances at a later, more appropriate date. We all know I am not referring to these extreme cases but rather the more common dead beat situation.
It is all to common for black men especially to create a child and leave it due to I fidelity or some other issue. I am not here to bash one or the other but instead focus on the casualties of the situation, us, the children.
Growing up without a father introduces automatic feeling of self worth, poor decisions in dating, especially us women because we run around trying to fill a void with all the wrong people who see what we are yearning for and therefore tend to take advantage. Both parents are equally important, it’s just far more common for fathers to leave.
Many men who have grown up without fathers end up in jail, have hostile relationships with their wives, tend to leave their own children behind. You know why? It’s simple, the man responsible for showing these men how to be men through example. Plus, many of these same men despise women having had to deal with what they might perceived to be an angry black woman. That black woman struggling every day to raise them in such stressful conditions.
Honestly, we all have a responsibility to make sure we understand what we are getting into when getting in someone’s bed. I myself seek to make sure my life is prepared for a new edition and until then I am wise with how I ago about my intimate affairs. It takes two to tango so the person I am laying down with needs to have these same ideals. Black mothers are amazing. Black father are to be the leaders and protecters. It is essentially that folks realize that once a child is present in the equation all other issues should be visited in more mature and productive fashions rather than just leaving the innocent ones to deal with a world of trouble.

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