Black Men vs. Black Women

Hello All,
This is a topic that has been debated many times. Black men and black women continue to have a an on going dissatisfaction towards each other. Until we find some common ground and understanding amongst each other our community will not be able to fully recover and progress.
I have taken the time to observe both sides of this issue. I totally understand where each side is coming from. Both black men and women have their weaknesses. There is no need to get into them since we are all generally clear on the Ideas out there.
Many of us cannot even recall where most of our perceptions actually come from. It is also a know fact that children growing up in impoverished environments are more easily influenced by negativity rather than positivity. For most black children here in American grow up in Single parent households where we have had to struggle and for many our mothers, due to high stress of such a struggle might be determined to be angry and/ or unpleasant black women.
Growing up this way with any other negative environmental elements tends to cause one to view their own people as the associated reason for such unfortunate state of being. When one looks around and they see constant misery and then on tv they are fed other images what seems to be the opposite of their own life style begin building this mislead perceptions.
As black folks, we especially struggle with identity seeing as our true identities were stripped away. So actually we have to create an identity. Often times we wish to associate with what may seem to be more desirable, which is going to be the opposite of what we have seen growing up. This is getting to the root of this issue. Rather than attacking one or the other I seek to go d solutions.
We have to be the change we wan to see in order for our community to progress to its deserving state of greatness. Black life is beautiful with or without the struggle. I hated not having a father but I have met a few black men that would pay down their lives for me as I would do the same. Instead of seeing each other as the problem we have got to find the real sources of our dissatisfaction. As black men get stronger, black women will follow. We all have a piece we definitely need to contribute to this intricate puzzle in order to advance!

Much love,

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5 thoughts on “Black Men vs. Black Women

  1. just had this talk with my boyfriend.. it saddens me.

  2. It is sad. I hope that we reach a solution to this deep rooted hatred otherwise we will not prevail over the other madness we must face! Thanks for commenting, Vanisha!


  3. Great post…remember if you say something is a “known fact” back it up with a reference or quote from a reputable person in the field youre posting about….because some one can easily refute the notion that impoverished children are easily influenced…

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